Full Year AmeriCorps VISTA Opportunity in New Bedford, MA

[VISTA Opportunity](file:///C:/Users/Tammy_Moyer/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/I8KPUMMJ/New%20Bedford%20Americorps%20Recruitment%20Flyer%20-%20VISTA.pdf)

My name is Tammy Moyer, and I am a VISTA Leader with United Way Worldwide. A new project is coming close to your community: United Way Worldwide is partnering with AmeriCorps to bring a new Food Security project to communities that will focus on marginalized and disenfranchised individuals. To increase direct localized outreach, selected United Way agencies across the country are establishing programs and recruiting AmeriCorps VISTAs to help build the foundation of these programs.

Close your region, United Way of Great New Bedford is the selected United Way agency to spearhead these efforts. Victoria Grasela, United Way of Greater New Bedford at Vice President of Marketing & Community Engagement, is leading the way to recruit the AmeriCorps VISTA that will be responsible for helping develop this program. I am working with Victoria in recruitment efforts and my hope is that you will help us begin reaching out to the residents of your area.

We are asking civic-oriented organizations if they would be willing to share a few lines about the AmeriCorps VISTA position in a newsletter, on social media/websites, or any other community outreach tool utilized so that potential applicants can learn more about the position. Following is a draft of what we would like to have included:

Do you believe in Food Security for all? United Way of Greater New Bedford and AmeriCorps are partnering together to establish a new program to address hunger in our community. They are recruiting for two full time VISTA‚Äôs to help build the foundation for this outreach. This is a full-time position that receives a living allowance, healthcare, and multiple other benefits. If you or someone you know is interested, please email Victoria Grasela, United Way of Greater New Bedford at Vice President of Marketing & Community Engagement, at [email protected].

I am also attaching a flier and a jpeg post for social media if you would like to help us further our outreach. I am very appreciative of any help you can provide in our recruitment efforts as we look to bring this new program to your community.

Please check the link above for more information as well and feel free to contact me if I can provide any additional information.

Thank you,

Tammy Moyer
[email protected]