Need Local CSA Recommendations and Sustainable Farming Practices in Rhode Island

Hello there,

My family and I have recently moved to Rhode Island; and we are eager to support local agriculture and sustainable farming practices. We are particularly interested in joining a CSA program and would love some recommendations on the best local options.

Specifically, we are looking for a CSA that offers a diverse selection of fresh, organic produce. We have young children, so a farm that allows for family-friendly visits or activities would be a huge plus. Additionally, we would appreciate any insights into farms that prioritize sustainable and regenerative farming practices. It is important to us to support farms that are committed to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Moreover; I am keen to learn more about sustainable farming techniques used by local farmers. Are there any workshops; volunteer opportunities; or farm tours that you would recommend? I would love to get involved and learn more about how I can contribute to and support these practices.

Also I have gone through this post: which definitely helped me out a lot.

Finally, if anyone has any favorite farmers markets or farm stands in the Rhode Island area, I would be grateful for those recommendations as well. We’re looking to make our grocery shopping as local and eco-friendly as possible.

Thank you all in advance for your suggestions and advice.

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You may want to check out Bramble Nook Farm, they have a few pick-up locations. One being at Revive the Roots, which might be a sweet place for you to volunteer/learn about growing.

Young Farmer Network

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Hi and welcome to RI. Depending on where you live, you may also be interested in Arcadian Fields farm CSA. They offer a Pick Your Own (PYO) harvest option, which is great for young families. Lead farmer is Diana Kushner and you can learn more at their website:


Check out the Aquidneck Growers Market on Aquidneck Island. Family friendly, 2 days a week. We attend both and offer a CSA. Our CSA is a debit card that you bring to the market and use at our stall at your own pace, selecting what you want.
More info!
Aquidneck Growers Market — Aquidneck Community Table

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It’s wonderful to hear about your interest in supporting local agriculture and sustainable farming practices.
here are some CSA Programs:

  • Sankofa Community Farm: Diverse organic produce, family-friendly events.
  • Little River Farm: Organic produce, community involvement.
  • Simmons Farm: Organic produce, family activities and tours.

Sustainable Farms:

  • Earth Care Farm: Regenerative practices, workshops, and tours.
  • Newport Biodynamic: Environmental stewardship, educational tours, and volunteer opportunities.

Workshops and Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Farm Fresh Rhode Island: Workshops and events on sustainable farming.
  • Southside Community Land Trust: Urban farming workshops and volunteer opportunities.
    I hope this will help you,
    Thank you.

In addition to some of the great places other folks have already shared:

Not sure where you’re located but the Foster Farmers’ Market is lovely! Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings beside Shady Acres Diner. They have a number of regenerative and sustainable farms you can connect with as well as CSA programs.

You might also be interested in Ashawaug Farm:

I do volunteer work and community engagement at the regenerative farm on my co-op out in Foster, so if you want to drop a line I’d be happy to chat and help brainstorm a few more ideas!