17 week old Started Laying Hen Pullets for Sale

Taking orders for 17 week old started laying hen pullets. Order through our website below. Details below and on our website including FAQs.


This year’s pullets will be raised on Certified Non-GMO Grain and receive Fertrell minerals. Jeff Maddocks of Fertrell has personally designed the feeding, lighting and grow out plan for these pullets. A Fertrell nutritional expert will be involved in inspecting the grow out of these birds.

We have increased the amount of space that each pullet will receive at the grow house in order to facilitate better grow out.
This years pullets will be RED-SEXLINK (Novogen) Pullets which are calm and do well on pasture.
Birds will have beaks intact.
They will be 17-18 weeks of age when they are delivered.
Pullets sell out quickly so don’t delay.
All orders must be in increments of 50 birds.

We are accepting non-refundable deposits of $1 per bird.
Delivery will be around April 25-May6 and early in the day (final actual date will be determined two weeks before delivery)