8 x 10 Walk in Freezer

8 X 10 walk in Freezer, compressor working, needs new door. Roof leaks where compressor sits on top.

$2,000.00 or best offer

Is this still available?

Hi Ester-

The freezer is available. Location is 333 Wapping Rd Portsmouth. 401-849-0337.


Is the unit still available, do you have any pics and where are you located?

thanks, John

Yes it is still available.

Portsmouth RI
I can send pictures by text.

Actually, I’d like to come by and take a look at it ,what day / time is good for you this week. Do you know if the compressor unit is single or 3 phase?

thanks, John

Single Phase- you may see it any day this week. Just let me know and I’ll make sure we’re here.

Is tomorrow/Thursday later morning good? thanks

Perfect location is 333 Wapping Rd Portsmouth RI.

Cool, see you tomorrow, if something comes up do you have a number I can reach you at?

A couple of quick questions, the unit does it have a floor and what are the dimensions of the access door, thanks

Also, tomorrow is looking like it may be an issue, I’ll confirm later today.

My apologies, tomorrow is not good for me, unable to come see the cooler, did you get a chance floor (unit or building) and what the dimensions of the access door are?

Door is 3 by 6’ 4" Aprox

Yes it does have a floor.

I am going to pass on the cooler, good luck selling.

No worries- thanks…