Advise and Resources on Goats for Clearing


Hi Folks, first time posting on the new platform. Looks great and congratulations to everyone who worked at making it happen. Really looks lovely.

So I’ve got the general logistics on goats (feed, head/acre, etc) but I know basically nothing about what breed(s) you would recommend for land clearing and where to get them. I was hoping there was a better option than weeding through Craigslist. Those are the two main things I’m interested in but relevant stories and experience with this I’d love to hear too. Thanks very much! John, Big Train.

PS - we’re having a farm tour this Saturday from 6-8pm and a fire until 10 if anyone wants to come by.



Hi John,
I have nubian goats, they do a great job. They are great milk producers and are good for meat aswell. Cons - They can be very vocal and are some escape artists.
I am changing into Boer Goats, they are big and meaty and do not seem to escape as easily… fingers crossed!