Community Seed Exchange

Hey everyone!
Spring is around the corner (eeekkk!) Here is a sweet coming up that we wanted to share with you.

Young Farmer Network & Revive the Roots are pairing up to co-host the 3rd annual Seed Exchange on March 10th, from 12-3. This is a casual gathering for veggie lovers, fruit and nut nerds, native seed enthusiasts, and DIY inventive minds. The folks that attend, range in experience and are here to chat about their favorite varieties, growing techniques, stories of their seeds, and the importance of seed saving to pass on the history of the land and our ancestors.

This year, Farm Hack will be teaching a DIY Farm Cart Build demo. This farm cart is a no-weld cart that maximizes the crates you can carry and keeps things affordable for small scale growers

Community Seed Exchange RSVP link HERE