Construction: Greenhouse

Looking into Greenhouse construction and suppliers.
Would like to hear your advice on builders and manufacturers?
Have you had a greenhouse installed in the last few years that you would recommend?
What type of glass or materials would you recommend or warn against?

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We have purchased our greenhouse kits from Nolt’s greenhouse supply in PA and we like their products. We built the Northern Gothic Tunnels 30x96. We have built them all ourselves so we haven’t had anyone come to build, but you can look into Niftyhoops a company that comes and builds for you. It is quite pricey but the product they provide is high quality and it gets done fast.


I was part of a build with Nifty Hoops. The owner and his staff deliver it, and build it for you or with you. Up in less than a day. They are awesome folks. Highly recommended!

@WaterWayFarm I think green houses have their own worth in our life. We should plant trees near we live. :slightly_smiling_face: