Farm Equipment and Supplies: For Sale + Free Items

Farm Supplies & Equipment: Items for sale + Free Items

Most listed prices are %50 discounted from MSRP
Cash only
No delivery, meet in person only

Items for sale

-Metal caterpillar tunnels - $500. Made of top rail fence posts, with all hardware and rope needed. have 5 available, must remove them from field yourself
-Rototiller $600 - last serviced in Spring 2021, working well
-Vermont cart $500 - large size. Purchased Fall 22
-Treadlite broadfork with wood handles $100
-Black plastic tarps 50x30 for solarizing/occultation $100 each, can also take concrete blocks I use to weigh these down - have 11 available
-Hoop bender for 12’ high tunnel - Johnny’s brand. $60
-Agribon - 2 rolls midweight - $30 each
-Agribon - 1 roll lightweight - $30 each
-Large coleman cooler - 2 available $30 each
-Small coleman cooler - 2 available, $10 each
-Fertrell organic feathermeal 50 lb bags, 1.5 bags available, $30 each
-Scythe - scythe supply bran - $30 - for 5’6’’ user
-128s heavy duty cell trays from bootstrap farmer - $20 for 50
-Electric weedwhacker w/ battery - $20, works but about ~4 years old
-Bulb crates, shallow - $20 for 8 crates
-Weedguard plus organic - 2 rolls, $30 each
-Johnnys berry harvesters - $30 for two, backpack style. Purchased in 2022
-6 yellow flip top bins - $10 each
-2 large rodent proof metal garbage cans - $20 each
-Large monkey wrench $10 - used it for high tunnel
-2 large rolls of poly rope - $10 each
-¾ emt poles - used for large caterpillar tunnel, but would be suitable for low tunnels. Have 24 poles available + hardware, screw holes in the ends of the poles. $5 each pole w/ hardware free.
-Digital scale - $40 - 10 lb limit
-8’ Wiggle wire and track - $40 for all I have (at least 10 tracks + wires)

Free items

  • Paper bags with handles ~300 ct
  • Hose filter - fine mesh for greenhouse
  • Rock bags
  • Wooden posts
  • Temp controller for chest freezer conversion to refrigerator
  • 50 lb magnesium sulfate, OMRI listed
  • 4 wheeled low cart - wheel frame needs soldering but wheels are new, top of cart is solid
  • Extra greenhouse plastic 6mm - various sizes
  • Washing machine spinner with bins
  • Blue mainline hose - the kind you can drive over
  • PVC pipes - 20’ long, some have cracked ends, have ~40
  • Drip tape w/ 6” holes - used but in good condition overall
  • Whirlpak bags - great for soil samples
  • Large bag of perlite (suitable for organic production)

Hey there-- my team is interested in buying

berry harvesters
rock bags
metal cans with lids

if you have this stuff still available.

thanks so much,
Desa at Round the Bend farm

Hello, I’m interested in some of the green house plastic and the bag of vermiculite. How best to proceed? Thank you.

Hi! Thanks for your interest- these items have been claimed, but I will let you know if they are not ultimately purchased.

Hi! We have 3 large pieces of greenhouse plastic (used, but free). It was originally 60x30. I can meet you in the evenings or weekends. Please email me at [email protected]

Hi, do you still have the washing machine? Is it one that you converted to a salad spinner? Interested and can pick up, thank you!

Also interested in a couple of the metal cat tunnels, I can remove, thank you!

Hi! Are you still looking to sell or get rid of any of these items? I am interested in a few listed- my email is [email protected] if that is easier to communicate on! Thanks

Hi - I see your post is 4 months old but is any available still?
I am particularly looking for salvaged greenhouse plastic.

Hello, also interested if any of these items are still up for sale.
thank you. email at [email protected]