Farmers' Market Vendors Needed

Looking for Farmers’ Market Vendors for Conimicut Village (Warwick) Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning from 9 to 12 or occasional vending. Looking for garden fresh veggies, herbs, plants, fruits, eggs, oysters, quahogs, and flowering plants.

We also would like locally produced baked goods, jams, sauces, pickles, pet treats and homemade goods, as well as hand sewn items.

No permit required, only certificate of insurance through homeowners policy with Conimicut Village Assoc. added on to policy.

We advertise all over social media sites and Chamber of Commerce, newspapers and magazines. We are new and we are aggressively working at making this the best!

If it rains, we credit you another day. Free May 11th, just sign up for two more shows at $25 each show. Farmers Market - Conimicut Village Association