Farming Opportunities in Central MA

Hi all - I run Potter Hill Farm in Grafton, MA (near Worcester). In the past, we’ve had a herd of beef cattle, pastured pigs, and pastured egg layers on the farm in addition to the main focus of organic vegetables. I took a step back from farming in 2021 to recover from the demands of running a farm full-time and being a father to two little ones with a wife who works full-time+ off farm. I returned on a small scale (just veggies) in 2022 with a much better work-life balance. 2023 brought lots of rain of course, but also a return of layers and broilers (new to the farm), as well as a thriving raspberry patch. The only thing missing is a partner in crime/consistent help!

I am looking for any of the following for next season:

-business partner with farming experience interested in focusing on an enterprise (beef, chickens, pigs, fruit, insert your passion that makes money). Demand among my existing customers is strong, but I don’t have the capacity on my own.
-some sort of combination of partner/employee where an enterprise can be entrepreneurially managed, with the financial safety net of working for the veggie operation (farming experience required)
-full-time experienced help, ideally aspiring to more responsibility
-part-time help (if local)

Basically, I am flexible to scale up with help (ideal) or stay small without help. I lease 35 acres of pasture, none of which was used in the past two years (other than an acre by flower farming friends). Additionally, we recently purchased 6 adjacent acres, where we live, the garden is located, and where vegetable/fruit operations will be focused going forward. I own most, if not all, the equipment needed to restart animal operations on the farm.

About me: I am passionate about and motivated by great food and feeding others. I am flexible, easy going, have a strong aversion to plasticulture, and interested in communal/cooperative living/farming. When I took over the farm 8 years ago from a friend who I worked for, I always thought a partner would come along, never expecting to run the farm on my own. There is currently no on-farm housing available, though I would happily help to find close reasonable housing. Grafton is also home to Tufts Veterinary School, so apartments and apartment sharing opportunities abound.

I recently ceded a few acres of cropland to friends who started a flower farm in 2021, and who will be entering their fourth season next year. The possibility of sharing employment between farms is another option.

The setting is pretty incredible with 360 views, including Worcester prominently framed by Mt Wachusett. Soils are rich and on the wet side, which made this season fun (animals thrived, veggies not so much). Pasture was most recently used in 2021, but mostly mowed in 2022 - some fields are weedy, but it has bounced back quickly in the past after years out of use. Please reach out with interest, and I’ll happily show you around.

Thanks for reading!


Hi my name is Greg Andersen. I came upon your post and found it interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t have any formal farming or agricultural experience, although I have done a bit of research. I do work in carpentry/maintenance and have other related experience that could still make me an asset and could potentially contribute to a shared vision. There would be obstacles because I’m currently located in Rhode island and dependent on my income which is more than what my research has shown farm workers earn typically on average. Also, I have 5 children with my girlfriend but I would hope to have them involved as well. My daughter from a previous relationship has family in Douglas so there is incentive for me there as well. I’ll keep it short and allow you a chance to respond if this message finds you and you have any interest or questions. Either way, thanks for your time and I hope we can start a productive dialogue and make some lasting change.