FarmLand Wanted

Im looking to purchase Farmland in southern RI to start an apple orchard. Does anyone know of any land for sale now or in the future. Does anyone know any seasoned retiring farmers who wish to keep their land in Ag but dont have anyone who wants to farm it. we are Ready to Purchase.


How much money do you have ?? I know someone selling a nice property in South County. It’s 55 acres near the coast… MB

Hi Pat: I’d be interested if under $1M (not likely in South County).
@ John. If you are looking at a property which is too big/expensive for you to fund independently, let me know. I only need 5-10 acres but would be willing to partner on acquisition of larger parcel

Hello John,
My two brothers and I have a approx. 97 acre farm in Western Coventry that will be going up for sale. It has an established Apple Orchard on it and a huge Dutch Colonial Barn.

If interested please reach out to me at: [email protected]
I would be happy to send you some pictures and directions.

Hi John,
If you’re still looking, I know someone with an apple orchard that is considering retiring and would be interested in speaking with you. Send me an email if you’d like more details. [email protected]

Pat. Can you share more information? 401 477 9967 / [email protected]