Foggy Notion Farm Part Time Job

We are hiring a farm worker to help prepare for the summer season, and work with us on field-market harvests.
Job Description:
Foggy Notion Farm is hiring a farm staff person to help plant, harvest, wash, package and sell produce. This is a 3 days per week this spring and summer Now - November. We are currently looking for someone to help us Monday-Weds from 9am-4pm. The exact schedule could change when markets start at the beginning on June.
We are looking for someone who can be a bit flexible about schedule and tasks as our season takes shape. In general the job would consist of the following:
We need help with the harvest/wash/pack cycle for our markets and restaurant/home orders. This requires arriving bright and early to the fields rain or shine, ready to harvest for the first part of the day, and then move to the washroom to clean and package vegetables/fruits and make bouquets.
The position is likely to be ⅔ harvest/wash/pack/market, and maybe ⅓ field work, including preparing beds for crops and the tasks related to this. This equates to roughly two eight-hour days of harvest/wash/pack/market and one day of field work or other work to be determined per week.
The position will begin as soon as an applicant is selected.
Skills Needed for the Job:
Farm experience a huge plus but not needed. Experience doing physical labor or exercise on a regular basis. Attention to following instructions. Interest in plants and food. Being prepared for work outside in all weather. Ability to lift 50 lb crates of produce, push farm carts and wheelbarrows, squat, stand, bend, crawl among the plants while harvesting. Ability to transport yourself to the farm in Johnston. Pay is 13$/hours. This is an on the books job and we can’t accommodate requests for under the table pay, or an erratic work schedule.

Please send us a little about why your interested in farming and a resume and any questions: [email protected]

We will contact you for a paid working interview. We will get back to you as soon as we are done planting cucumbers…