Full time year round flower farmer position-Little State Flower Co

Little State Flower Company is beginning to search for a full time, year round farmer to join our small but very experienced team. Flower farming experience not required but a few full seasons of agricultural work is required.

Little State Flower Company is owned and operated by Anna Jane Kocon and is a small (5 acres) but very productive specialty cut flower farm primarily serving the wedding and event industry of New England. It is a highly diversified growing project-from seed, plug, annuals, biannuals, bulbs, corms, tubers, perennials both woody and herbaceous along with tons of foraging of materials as well. We grow flowers through the Winter months in a forced bulb setting with a heated greenhouse on our farm, start all our own seeds, and manage large amounts of perennials throughout three separate properties. We use organic growing practices in every way possible, lead with kindness, collaborate on most decisions with the whole team and are generally very happy, hard working farmers. This is a highly creative farm, but also requires a large amount of the expected physical demands of any farm such as lifting 50 pounds over and over, working in heat, rain, snow, cold, weeding all day…walking in uneven ground, working on your knees, etc. It is very physically demanding just like any other farm job.

The ideal candidate should have several full seasons of agriculture experience in a production style setting-any kind of farming either veg, greens, animals etc. Prior knowledge of seed starting, irrigation, tractor work, hand tools, planting, weeding, watering, and crew management is expected and welcomed. Humor is extremely welcomed.

This is a year round salaried position and we hope to start this person mid-December 2022 . Pay rate is between $20-$25 an hour based on experience. The hours are 40 a week April through November and between 16-24 a week December through March. We require a 2 year commitment and have an employment agreement at time of hire.

If you want to expand your growing knowledge and experience well beyond standard agriculture practices (flower farming is much more diversified than regular agriculture), have a few full seasons of farming under your belt, desire year round interesting work in a supportive and collaborative environment, lead with kindness, and can get yourself reliably to Tiverton RI year round, this job could be for you. Almost 20 years ago a flower farm changed the trajectory of Anna Jane’s life forever, perhaps this flower farm could do the same for you.

Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] for more information.

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