Go in on fish emulsion barrel?


Hi folks,

Every year in October SCLT gets a 55 gallon barrel of fish emulsion from Organic Gem. We typically only need about 35 gallons of that for our purposes, but the price/gallon for 55 gallons is very good (usually works out to about $6/gallon) so we go with the big barrel. We have a barrel hand pump at our office and keep the barrel at the end of our driveway. You can buy some from us at cost IF you are willing and able to come and pump it at our office. It would have to be between when we get it (usually mid October) and whenever it gets cold enough that the remaining fish emo in the barrel will freeze, prob mid November. Our office is at 109 Somerset Street Providence 02907, right by RI hospital. If you want to use our bottles, you can pay at cost for those too. Probably this makes sense for a farmer who goes through a few gallons in the course of a year? I’m open to “reserving” a certain amount for you in advance but if you haven’t come to get it and it’s getting later in the year and colder, I’m going to sell it first come first served.

I’ll send out another notice in early October with more details.


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Hi there, I would love to buy some the fish emulsion when that time comes. I’ll buy the remainder 20 gallons if no one else has claimed it yet. I operate a flower farm in Northern RI. Thanks!



Awesome! We’ll give you a heads up in early October. If demand within our network jumps very suddenly we might only have more like 15 available, but most likely 20 will be available for you. Will be in touch!



That sounds great! I got so excited about this deal that I forgot to ask, what are the concentrations of nutrients in the fert? N-P-K?



3 3 3,. Here’s organic gem’s website: http://www.organicgem.com/organic-gem.html

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