Grafted Greenhouse Tomatoes for Sale

Hello Fellow Farmers,

This year we have extra grafted greenhouse tomato plants for sale. After a few years of growing these we ave been super excited about vigor and increase in marketable fruits. Here are some details:

The rootstock for these plants is the DRO141TX rootstock. We selected this one because it is supposed to be particularly good for fruit production. Here are some details from Johnnys Seeds on this rootstock: "DRO141TX puts a higher proportion of energy into the fruit than other vegetative rootstocks, without compromising on vigor. For growers who tend to have excessively vegetative plants early in the season, this may be easier to balance. Known for exceptional vigor, DRO141TX has shown to carry a crop through high temperatures and a long season just as well as Maxifort. High resistance to Fusarium races 1, 2, Fusarium crown and root rot, leaf mold, corky root rot, tomato mosaic virus, and Verticillium wilt. For use as rootstock only. "

We will have 60 of each of the following varieties available the second week of May:

  1. German Green
  2. Marnero
  3. Margold
  4. Brandywine.

Plants will be $6 each in 4" pots. If you are interested in a large order for a farm, we can discuss a bulk discount.

Please e-mail [email protected] with any questions rather than respond on the forum here.

Happy Spring!