Hobart A-200 20 Qt Mixer + Pelican Head Grater + Meat Grinder + More


This mixer is fully-functional and all attachments are clean.

This bundle includes the very expensive ($600+ with extra mounting wheel) “pelican head” grater / shredder attachment (including 3 different used blades and 2 mounting wheels), a complete meat grinder attachment kit (several blades, sausage tube, etc), one 20 qt. bowl, one hook / one whip / one paddle mixer attachment.

This specific Hobart mixer was from an elementary school in NY. I have the service records for this mixer and it was serviced in late 2016 just before I purchased it! So, despite the fact that it was partially prepped for a new paint job and looks a little rough (the paint is not flaking and is washable), I can assure you it is in excellent mechanical condition and is ready to serve your needs like the little workhorse that it is!

If you need an impossibly low price I can omit the pelican head kit and/or the meat grinder kit and lower the price accordingly.

Located in Greenville. Asking $1250.