House and Small Farm with Partial Trade for Lease Opportunity in Harrisville RI

House and Small Farm with Partial Trade for Lease Opportunity in Harrisville RI

The property offers rural living on 73 acres, a spacious log cabin, and the chance to become involved in the development of a small farm through a partial trade arrangement. Find a high-level list of home features, equipment, infrastructure and land below.

House Features:

  • Size: 3000 sq.ft of house
  • Furnished: 85% furnished
  • Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms
  • Basement: full basement
  • Fireplaces: two fireplaces
  • Heating: wood and oil boiler systems, fireplaces

Land Features:

  • Acreage: 73 acres
  • Cleared Land: 5 acres cleared
  • Fencing: 1.5 acres currently undergoing the installation of a 6ft deer fence
  • High Tunnel: Purchased 2000 sq.ft high tunnel needs to be built ASAP, with an additional 2000 sq.ft slated for 2025
  • Infrastructure: 3000 feet of roads and trails planned, awaiting oversight for implementation
  • Equipment: Includes a 50 horsepower John Deere tractor with multiple attachments, ATV & trailer, wood splitter, chainsaw and most small tools
  • Livestock: Currently home to 6 goats with ample shelter provided

Partial Trade Opportunity: Lease negotiable based on experience & ability. I am looking for someone or a couple/partners with experience (different levels acceptable), a passion for farming, and the ability to do the physical work necessary. In exchange for a portion of the lease, become involved in the development of the farm and benefit from all that can be grown and raised.

Images of the property are available upon request.

[Include any additional contact or leasing information as needed.]

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or call 408-940-2614 (I am pst time zone)