House Position Available @ Revive the Roots

Hey Everyone!

I am one of 4 people that live at Mowry Commons in Smithfield! One of our housemates is leaving and we are looking to fill his room by the middle of June. Below is the curatorship description. If you know of anyone looking for a immersed short term summer rental (June - August) or a long term commitment to a rad non-profit, point them in our direction!

**We are an all volunteer run non-profit that is taking some major steps this year. We understand that 10-15 hours can be a lot for people who are working full-time and are trying our best to make this position accessible and sustainable to all. If anyone has any ideas regarding this topic, please share them via email to [email protected].


“Revive the Roots is a non-profit organization in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Our mission is to create ecologically regenerative and dynamic social spaces through the education and practice of permaculture. We manage 25 acres that include community gardens, annual production for our farms stand and donation, a food forest, walking trails, bee hives, two coops for egg production (chicken and quail), a hoop house, a geo-dome, a workshop and the historic Mowry House.

The Mowry House accommodates 4 live-in “curators” who facilitate the development Revive the Roots and maintain the historic house in exchange for below market rent ($350 per/month). We are looking for one person to join the Mowry House. Contact [email protected] if you are interested and have a focus in public relations, marketing, grant writing, and fundraising. If none of these fit your passion, please still reach out!

All Curators:

● We have 2 dogs and 2 cats! They are great with other animals, but be aware of this when applying :]

● Have a desire to protect land and engage in sustainable practices.

● Be community oriented. This house operates as a small community inside the larger community that is Revive the Roots at Mowry Commons. Common spaces are shared and we support each other with our actions and words. Curators have their own private bedroom.

● Must contribute to Revive the Roots and Mowry House by being self directed and finding projects that excite your passion. One of the primary benefits of being a curator is the ability to use the resources of Revive the Roots to grow your own knowledge, build experience and experiment with new models of sustainable living and social enterprise.

● Must contribute to Revive the Roots and Mowry House by being open, communicating with fellow housemates and asking for help when needed.

● Must contribute to Revive the Roots and Mowry House maintenance by setting aside time, 10-15 hours a week for projects.

● Must participate in weekly house meetings and monthly Revive the Roots board meetings.

● Must contribute to Revive the Roots and Mowry House by looking for grants and other avenues for funding.

● Pay rent of $350 per month, utilities and internet included.

Curator Position, Outreach and Technologies Focused:

● Experience with website building and maintenance.

● Experience with using media platforms: Instagram, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter.

● Passion for content generation and online communication.

● Commitment to posting regular updates about Revive the Roots.

● Commitment to researching and pursuing grant programs that further the mission of Revive the Roots.

If you are interested in this position or are just wanting to ask some questions, please email [email protected]. Once we connect through email, we will ask you to join us for a Sunday Volunteer Day from 10-3.

If this post is still listed, the position is still open.

Looking forward to brainstorming with some folks!

Happy harvest,


Garden and Volunteer Coordinator @ Revive the Roots
Farm Manager @ Dead Beet Farm