I'll Buy Your Old Farm Equipment


Hi guys! I am new to these threads so I hope this reaches all of you well. I recently began farming and it has always bothered me how much waste I have seen on other people’s farms, and how many things that can be laying around un-used for many years and eventually thrown out due to neglect.

I am asking for you to post to this thread any items that you may have excess of that you don’t think you will use within the next year or so to clean out your yards and sheds and get some money for it. Mainly, I am looking for irrigation supplies (connections, tapes, etc.), greenhouse materials, cages, tractor impliments, etc. Honestly, if you any items that are sitting around, longing to be used by someone, reply to this thread and hopefully myself or someone else in the farming community can make some use of it.

Thanks for your time!



Hiya! Eva’s Garden down in dartmouth has an orchard drip tubing set-up lookin for a home––I think about a third of an acre’s worth at least . Let me know if you’re interested!



Hi there! Thanks for being the first one to comment on this thread! Couple questions, but basic, what is the set up? What size is the tube? Any photos? No rush, thanks!



HI Nick,

Please find the link.

We also have a 6’ sundown sc6. Danish tine cultivator with crumbler.

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Most greenhouses that grow and sell plants buy a lot of plugs in February and March. Then they end up with a pile of plug trays that get thrown away. If you stop and ask at that time, they may give you some.



Thanks for the advice Dan, I’ll be sure to hop around to a few different nurseries in the area around that time and see what they may have laying around. I know I would like to start soil blocking instead of using plastic trays but I’m not sure I have the correct system for that yet, plastic it is! For now



Hi there,
we have a roll of greenhouse plastic 28’x80’ available, never used but has been outside collecting some water for a few months. $100 located in Cranston. email me at moonrosefarm@gmail.com