Land Prep for Roots 2 Empower Commuity Garden

Recently the City of Pawtucket granted Roots 2Empower to use an old park off of exit 26 to cultivate for community garden space, that will provide training/workforce development for homeless and formerly incarcarated folks. I’m looking to hiring someone to assist with land prep. Please contact me.



Dear Tarshire of Roots 2Empower,

This is so exciting and so necessary! I would love to apply for assisting with the land prep. I am training as an herbalist, and have been gardening for a couple years now in a small urban community garden, a large coop in Boston where we grew food in our yard, and now my neighbor’s backyard. I interned on the Farmacy Herbs farm from April - November 2019 and have a certificate from the Master Urban Gardener program in Boston (not an official program like the universities offer because this was one was free). Aside from my gardening experience, I am also slowly training as a doula, have worked in a wood shop and have building skills, and currently work as a teaching artist for young kids in an afterschool program as well as a freelancing illustrator/designer. I love youth, education, and most of all - community. My community work starts at home from the spaces I live in to the work I’ve done cooking in soup kitchens, and community spaces like EMW Bookstore where I volunteer ran an art gallery for marginalized people. A lot of my artwork is focused on healing and building community. I have been thinking about training as a doula for prisons as well as pursuing a degree in art therapy. My goal as a doula and herbalist is to give my services to those who can’t afford it but really need it. I’m also very passionate about food justice, reducing waste, and teaching myself and others food and health resiliency. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards,

Cai Diluvio

Sure. Sounds good. When will you start?
Katie. 978-407-6361. Call again if I don’t answer. It’s a dumb old phone. Mine broke.

Hi Cai!

I see we have a great deal in common. I completed Level I and now in Level 2 with Mary from Farmacy. I’m also a Master Gardener through URI. I wouldn’t say I’m a pro but definitely need assistance. So I received a grant last year and part of it was used for consultant to develop training curriculum. If you like you can call me and I tell you more about the project, pay etc and also the grants I applied for and the other community giving garden that I’m overseeing that recently was granted a grant to expand by 10 additional raised beds with an education component. My number is 401-696-8132.


So lovely to be taking the same courses as you! I’m also by no means a master gardener but am taking all that I learned and hoping to apply some of it this year. What time this evening works for you? I can also call you tomorrow after 1 pm. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you so much!


What wonderful news! Best of luck with this important work.

I’m a Co-Director of The New Garden Society- we teach vocational horticulture in Greater-Boston prisons. If we can do anything to support your project or help to spread the word through our website/social media, let us know!

We also have a small listserv for conversation between folks who work at the intersection of incarceration and plants in the northeast (either within prisons/jails or with formerly incarcerated people). If you want to join the regional conversation, email [[email protected]] with LISTSERV in the subject line.

Cheering you on.
Erika Rumbley

Hey! is this anything you need help with this season?