Language Skills To Share - Spanish/French translation & interpreting for hire or volunteer


Hi Everyone -

I am a farmer, writer, and interpreter hoping to help out folks in the community in need of translation or interpretation for your farm, business, or outreach project. I am a bilingual Spanish speaker with professional experience interpreting for non-profits and legal aid organizations, and have additional language capacity in French.

I am currently on “work from home” status for my full-time job as an interpreter and have found that I have extra time on my hands to engage with community projects.

I would love to offer my skills to you on a sliding-scale. Of course, compensation is always appreciated, but for the right project I am more than happy to volunteer my time and skills to help your project grow and make a positive impact. I can do written translations in both languages of outreach materials, translate mass emails, guidebooks or training materials, communications with workers or clients, etc etc. I can also do telephonic Spanish interpreting for meetings or trainings.

Feel free to leave a comment on this post, or email me directly with the subject line “NE AG Exchange Translation” at

Warmest wishes,
Olivia St Pierre