Leicester Longwool sheep for sale-2022 lambs or 2021 yearlings

We are excited to offer the following Leicester Longwools for sale: 4 intact 2022 season ram lambs, 1 ram yearling (2021 season), 2 wethered companion lambs. These are all pure-bred LLs, although not all are registered at this time. Prices vary according to age and sex, please ask. Discount may be given for multi-animal purchases, and weathered rams are obv. at ta discount, more so if purchased with intact ram. If registration is required, this will be added to price.

Our farm is the only remaining registered LL farm in Rhode Island, we maintain a closed system and we run two bloodlines.

If you are curious but unfamiliar with Longwools, we encourage you to visit https://www.leicesterlongwool.org. These are wonderful dual purpose sheep, easy keepers and gentle enough to be worked by kids (4-H!). Their fleece is spectacular and sells well to hand-spinners and textile artists. We welcome your questions and inquiries about our animals for sale and may be willing to mentor new shepherds in the right situation. To learn more about our farm, please visit www.hurricanehillfarm.com