Listening Tree Co-op has some land available

Want to live on your farm? Want to afford to own your farm? Want to start small with room to grow? We still have some land available for farming in the 2019 season–in the no- or low-till section, where the raised beds were worked for three years by Hocus Pocus Farm, and are now in cover crop.

Ultimately, we hope people farming here would live in our group household and be part of the community. But other options are available. Farmers could:

  • lease some of the land still available (2 acres or less),
  • lease to own (for details see ),
  • live here or commute,
  • grow annual vegetables or herbs, raise small animals, or develop a food forest/perennial crops.

Interested? Here’s more info
Then call us at (401)710-9784.

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I am interested in Listening Tree land/home exchange, but did they disband?