Little River Farm in Exeter is hiring

Little River Farm of Exeter, RI is hiring for multiple full- time positions for the 2021 season

If interested, please respond to [email protected] and include the job title that you are applying for in the subject line. Please provide a resume, 2 professional references, and 2 dates and times during the current week that you are available for a phone interview.

  1. Wash Station and Pack Attendant ( 2 positions available)
  2. Field Crew Member ( 5 positions available)
  3. Tomato Greenhouse Manager
  4. Vehicle Service Technician


Your main responsibility will be assisting in the wash and pack station, which includes: washing and packing baby greens, washing root vegetables, labeling all products, organizing products in walk-in-cooler, recording harvest and pack amounts, clean up. Ideal candidate can work Monday - Friday 7 am - 3 pm, with possible weekend work at the farm or at the farmers market May-Oct. Position starts ASAP and ends in December, although there may be year round work for the right person. Pay is $13/ hour and free vegetables. After finishing wash station responsibilities each morning, your secondary responsibility will suit your strengths and can include: Selling at the Farmers Market harvest, bed prep, planting, nursing seeding, harvesting microgreens. No previous experience is necessary as long as candidate had good attention to detail, reliability, and a good attitude.


Your main responsibility will be harvesting vegetables each day. At our farm, we have high standards and expect that crew members harvest quickly, efficiently, and make consistent bunch sizes. Based on your strengths and experience, you will also assist with some of the following tasks: Selling at the Farmers Market, Preparing No-Till Beds, Weeding, Washing and Packing Produce, Tomato Trellising, etc. Hours are Monday-Friday 7 am - 3 pm, with possible weekend work at the farm or at the farmers market May-Oct. Position starts ASAP and ends in December, although there may be year round work for the right person. For students, there are two seasonal positions that end or transition to part time positions in Sept at the start of the school year. Pay is $12/ hour and free vegetables with raise when you can harvest a certain amount/hour. No experience is necessary, but candidate must be in good physical condition and have the stamina to work in all weather.


This is a position for someone with past experience working on greenhouse tomatoes. The greenhouse manager will be responsible for managing 4 greenhouses with tomatoes and some cucumbers. You will prune, lower and lean, fertilize, weed, water, stake, basket weave, and harvest tomato and cucumber plants. If you are not familiar with the maintenance of greenhouse cucumbers, this can be taught. There will also be some outdoor tomato plants in the field that you will help to manage. Position is 3 days a week April-September for roughly 15-20 hours/week depending on the time of season. Pay is $15/ hour.


This position is for someone with past experience maintaining or working on vehicles. The service technician will come to our farm once a month to service 1 box truck, 1 diesel sprinter van, 1 kubota tractor, 1 electric golf cart. Monthly service would include changing oil, checking fluids, putting pressure in the tires, refilling golf cart batteries, greasing tractor points, and any other necessary tasks to keep the vehicles in good condition. Extra consideration given to those candidates who could also repair any or all of these vehicles. Pay is $20/hour.