Looking for natural dye and fiber cultivators

Hello, I’m looking for folks cultivating natural dye plants and/or fiber (either plan or animal fiber) in the Rhode Island area.
I volunteer for the [Southern New England Fibershed] (https://senefibershed.org/), a nonprofit working to strengthen our local farm-to-textiles/apparel network and building a directory (https://senefibershed.org/producer-directory/) of all the growers, producers, and makers associated.
If you have any leads you’d recommend please let me know. Thanks, in advance, for your time.

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I would love to speak with you further !
Feel free to either call me at 401 523-8968 or email at kathleen@wildsaltfarm


Hello, we have a small farm on Aquidneck Island. We’re growing flax and some dye plants, Alkanet, Woad, Dyer’s Chamomile… feel free to contact us at [email protected] to discuss more.
Stay well, Horus & Kidder

Sasha, I would like to start a discussion on this. please contact me at [email protected]