Looking for RV Hookup in Southern RI

Hello All! I recently moved back to the Southern RI from Asheville, NC where I’ve been living in my RV full-time.

I’m looking for a spot to rent w/ RV hookups or something comparable. I’d prefer to pay rent rather than work-trade. I work full-time as a Paramedic in SK. That being said, I love farmwork, being on the land and working with my hands. I have past experience as a farmhand and left a career in carpentry for one in Emergency Medicine. I’d be willing to figure out a situation in which both parties feels like their needs are being met.

This would be a great way to supplement income. The RV is in good condition, I like to think I’m not the worst company (will provide references) and I’m respectful of others spaces.

Thank you for reading and hope this may sound like a good fit for someone out there.