Looking for Stainless Steel 3 Basin Sink


Revive The Roots is looking to purchase a used stainless steel sink w/ 24x24x14 bowls. Does anyone have one that they would want to part with? Or have any leads on where to purchase a used one?

Here’s the link to what we are looking for.


Thanks :snowflake:

Annie Bayer
Revive The Roots
Smithfield, RI

I see these pop up on Facebook Marketplace all the time! I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if one comes along the next week or so.

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we got ours on FB marketplace.

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Thanks!! Yeah, we are keeping our eyes open for one there :]

Thanks Sarah! We are keeping our eyes over there too

You can try a man in Bellingham, MA. by the name of Mark at (508) 380 0642 he buys and cleans out all types of businesses and sometimes has these items.