Looking for Wiggle Wire, Wire Lock, Etc.


We purchased a used greenhouse frame to construct our propagation house, but still need a few misc. items. We’re mainly looking for any extra wiggle wire and wire lock channel anyone may have lying around. We’re also open to other items like lumber, piping, etc. - whatever we can find used to minimize what we need to order.

Thank you!
Cassidy Whipple
Frontier Farm, Westerly RI



Are you still looking for parts?
I have boat loads of wiggle wire and some various other parts. No wirelock channel though. I have some old poly-carbonate as well



Hey! Sorry for the delayed response! I somehow missed your message!

I am still in the market for greenhouse parts and would be interested in discussing what you have in more detail if you’re still looking to get rid of some things. You can reach me at frontierfarmri@gmail.com.

Thank you!