Looking to lease pasture for poultry next season

Hey there. I am looking to start a small regenerative pastured poultry enterprise on leased land next season.

When I eventually am able to purchase land, my long term goal is to start a regenerative farm involving a no-till organic vegetable garden and a silvopasture system producing nuts, fruit, and meat from rotationally grazed animals. For now, I want to focus on pastured poultry on a leased property.

My background is primarily in organic vegetable production, and I have years of working experience with every technical aspect of that work. I’ve also worked in two plant nurseries, and I have experience with landscape design work and landscape installation. I’ve taken permaculture courses and apprenticed at a permaculture education space. My partner’s education and work experience is as a horticulturist and outdoors/wilderness skills educator. We both have hands-on experience with caring for and slaughtering chickens, turkeys, and ducks on a small, homestead scale, as well as with dressing down and processing hunted animals. My partner also has years of experience as a serious organic vegetable gardener. We are both currently enrolled in a comprehensive online regenerative agriculture course, which will be covering pastured poultry in depth.

Ideally the land would 1) be 5 or more acres of good pasture with southern exposure that hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals for at least three years, 2) have running water, electricity, storage space, coolers, and a suitable space for a small brooder 3) have housing on it. We would also like to keep a robust vegetable garden for our own use the first year.

We are both respectful, sober, communicative, hard-working, professional people.