Lower Price: Selling Rite Way RW850 Rock Rake

Round The Bend Farm (RTB), in S. Dartmouth, MA is selling a Rite Way RW850 Rock Rake from Rite Way, Sask., Canada. Located at Everbearing Farm in S. Dartmouth, a RTB property.

Despite evident rust and lichen, tubing and metal are sturdy. Wheels are serviceable. Rock rake has a 3-point hitch is a Rock Windrower. Rock rake has been unused for some years and the farm does not have use for it; therefore, we are looking to sell.

Current offer after (online) comparisons to other rock rakes of the same brand and type, as well as condition, is: $3,500.00.

Please contact: Desa VanLaarhoven at [email protected] with inquiries to see, purchase, or submit an offer.