Make All The Money Selling Cloverbud Ranch Grass-Fed Beef

Sell our highly regarded, USDA processed, grass-fed & grass-finished beef and free-ranged heritage pork for 25% margin. Take over our Farmers Market space at URI where we have built a loyal clientele over the last 12 years. Sell to whoever else you like - wholesale or retail. We graze our animals on 100 acres of lush coastal pasture for 3 years - best flavor and fat development. I’ll give you a freezer and sell you our beef at 25% off retail. You incur no insurance or licensing costs, no hay or grazing lease, no other fees and can be proud to present the finest grass-fed beef chosen by many top local farm-to-table chefs. Mid-week resupply for ease of logistics. and operational efficiency. Looking forward to finding a motivated local distribution partner. Many thanks. MB