Mobile Poultry Hoophouses

We are changing our production system for broilers and layers this year. We have 8 (20’x36’) and 2 (20’x48’) mobile range coops for sale

They are currently assembled and located in Griswold, Connecticut. Buyers would need to disassemble them and be responsible for shipping. We cannot take them apart or ship. Includes all the parts, side and endwalls using solar guard woven plastic. Does not include the plastic on top which we use silage tarps (black & white plastic).

5 (20’x36’) Hengear style with supports along the floor at every bow - 3 seasons old - Portable Pasture Chicken Coop - 20'x48' (Up to 1,000 chickens) – HenGear

$7,200 EACH

3 (20’x36’) Pasture Tek - 2 seasons old The Best Chicken Hoop 20x36 - Pasture Tek

$7,800 EACH

2 (20’x48’) Pastured Tek - 1 season old - we used for layers


Contact me direct if interested [email protected].