Mule (hinny), free to fully-vetted farm


We have a (probably 7/8 year old) mule (specifically a hinny) available FREE to fa arm with other long ears or goats she can guard. Lilly was a rescue who we took in from a defunct “live nativity” home (where she was well-treated but eventually became the sole animal). She was pretty overweight and not-used to space, and had forgotten what it was like to have other animal companionship. All those things are resolved now.

We brought there here to work with our goats. Our herd is tiny now and she need more companionship -plus (and this is what we’d want to confirm you can provide), we can’t get a farrier to reliably come to our farm with just one equine to serve.

Lilly is healthy, unusually beautiful and stands well once bridled (which requires treats). She is not, however, friendly -she is also not mean-she is just a mule who does things on her own terms. A good guard.

We’d REALLY like to see her with other long ears (horses, donkeys or mules) or with a job again.