HUGE opportunity for getting into the booming mushroom business! Moonstone Mushrooms, a gourmet mushroom farm in Charlestown, is seeking PARTNERSHIP with the right candidate to become a majority shareholder in our gourmet mushroom farm. We are branching out our business into medicinal products and we need more people on our team!

We are seeking the right person to become a partner with Moonstone, to manage our Charlestown location, and continue to produce the best gourmet mushrooms in the state of Rhode Island for our amazing chefs and farmers markets.

Of course, mushroom growing is a skill that takes time to master, and this creates a significant barrier to entry for people looking to get into the mushroom business. My role as the owner and head grower will be to provide mentorship, education, and consultation in the art of mushroom cultivation so our customers can continue to get the same great product they’ve come to expect while you become confident in the craft. With years of experience in this field and having built this farm from nothing, my knowledge and understanding of the farm’s inner workings will allow anyone with drive and commitment to be successful in this rapidly growing industry.

This is a turnkey operation producing close to 300 pounds a week with lots of room to expand. We have accounts with Rhode Island’s best restaurants and farmer’s markets, which we will continue to work with as we grow together.

If interested, contact me to set up an appointment to discuss details.
Luke DeStefano