need to move ASAP

Unfortunately there are 3 units on the farm that we currently reside. One of those units is a pedophile that has attempted to groom my daughter more than once.
This pedophile is a distant relative of the landlord. And we received a non renewal notice to our lease.
We are supposed to move out by June 1st

We are seeking a location preferably in Southern Rhode Island, But anywhere in Rhode Island where our animals are allowed, Eastern Connecticut near the border, Or anywhere in Massachusetts Vermont or New Hampshire. North Carolina or S Carolina. large 2bed

We have a meat rabbit farm with chickens and 2 goats. And 3 ducks. We would like to keep the rabbits the 2 goats the 3 ducks the priority. The chickens and roosters would be terrific but understand if those need to not come with us.

We have been approved for a housing voucher (commonly referred to as section8) do have the ability to move throughout the United States. The amount of rent dollars allowed changes based on the town.

Please Please help us find a safe place where we can still provide our own food and offer in the community too.