Offer: land for grazing animals in RI

Offer: land for farmer(s) in the RI area who are looking for space to graze animals

A group of us recently moved onto a farm in Scituate RI and are just entering our first farm season here, which will be focused mostly on land surveying, mapping, and getting settled. As we are in a transition year, we are looking for farmers who might want to graze their animals on the land here for the 2022 season. We have 10-15 acres of cleared pasture land with 4 lines of electric fencing around it, surrounded by woods, as well as some basic infrastructure (frost-free hydrants, barns, wash station).

The farm used to be a horse farm and also cows have grazed on this land in the past, but we are open to other grazing animals (such as sheep, goats, pigs) as well. The arrangement could be a work trade, barter, or a rental agreement—we are open to discussion about what it could look like.

We’re really interested in making the land available to other local farmers as well as having animals here who can help with land/fence maintenance by keeping the vegetation in check. Please let me know if you’re interested in hearing more or know someone who might be! We strongly encourage other queer or BIPOC farmers to reach out!

Where is the farm located in Scituate?

I am located in Scituate and was wondering what the address of the farm is?
Frank Martinelli
Martinelli’s Farm and Charcuterie

We’re just off of Danielson Pike in North Scituate