pastured poultry equipment

We’re getting out of the egg business and have lots of equipment available.

30’ x 10’ mobile chicken coop on a trailer frame with nest boxes, and built in feeder that holds about 1500 lbs of feed. Equipped with solar panel and lights operated by timer for the fall short days. I’ve used it with up to 400 hens. It has one flat tire, but the rest are good. $600 for big coop. I also have some 8’x12’ chicken tractors that can be pulled by hand. $50 each. And a water trailer that can also be pulled by hand. It worked well for several hundred chickens. 55 gallon barrel that gravity feeds into a bell waterer, so they never run out. $50

I also have a commercial egg washer in a trailer for sale. Very easy to transport back to your farm. It’s a Sani-Touch Model 5S from National Poultry Equipment. Model 5s | National Poultry Equipment Co.
It’s only 4 years old. We only used it once a week, so it’s in excellent condition. Includes egg dryer, and sanitizer pump. The trailer has electricity (110V) and lights hardwired into it. I installed waterproof vinyl flooring, so it’s very easy to clean out. Just hook up a garden hose and it’s ready to go. Washes about 2000 eggs per hour. The machine itself retails for $11,000 and requires extensive set up. This is a turnkey mobile operation.
$9000 OBO includes the trailer.

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Hi, interested in your chicken trailer. Could we come take a look?

Thank you,
Michelle and Don Gardner

Hi Michelle,
I have someone coming tomorrow to look at some of the stuff. But you can come Friday morning or any time on Sunday. You can reach me by cell phone at 315-530-5947. I can let you know what’s left after tomorrow.


Sounds good. Thank you

Hi Michelle,
The small chicken coops and water trailer have been sold. The large chicken coop that is on that trailer is still available. Let me know if you’d like to look at it tomorrow morning or Sunday.


Sunday would work good, just not sure what time. Any certain times better than others for you?

I’m available all day. Just text me once you know what time. I’ll let you know if anything changes for me.

Hi, It’s Katherine form Skydog Farm.
If you still have a small chicken tractor, we would like it!

Hi Katherine,
No, I’ve sold all of the small chicken tractors.