Pat's Pastured is hiring Market Staff, Butchers, and Processing Staff

We are hiring for multiple positions to work our summer farmers’ markets at several locations throughout RI. We also are looking for a Head Butcher, as well as processing staff in our USDA inspected processing facility.

Apply online: BambooHR

About Pat’s Pastured: Founded in 2002, Pat’s Pastured provides the highest quality pasture-raised and grass-fed meats. Our goal is to provide our livestock with a life that allows them to express their natural instincts fully in a pasture environment. That means that our pigs get to root, run and play; our chickens get to peck, scratch and crow; our turkeys gobble and strut; and our cows eat grass outside, NOT corn in confinement.

Farm Description: 100+ acres of pasture and woodlots spread over several pieces of land in Rhode Island. All land is managed in an intensive rotational management system with multiple species of livestock. The main farm is located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. All meat and eggs are sold through farmers’ markets (4 summer, 2 winter), home delivery, shipping, Meat/Poultry CSAs, wholesale and restaurant sales, and on-farm sales.

Processing Facility Description: USDA meat processing facility is located on-farm in a 45’ x 30’ building with multiple outdoor walk-in freezer spaces. The facility has updated poultry processing equipment (plucker & scalder) and a conveyor style poultry parting line. Meat cutting space is equipped with a roll-stock machine, dual chamber vacuum sealer, vacuum sausage stuffer, and a large capacity meat grinder. Offsite there is a RI Department of Health Inspected commercial kitchen with commercial smoker, ovens and 40-gallon steam kettle. Value added products are made at this site by our part-time chef. Pat’s Pastured is inspected by the USDA for processing beef, pork, lamb, and poultry on-farm.

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