*pending* Free Deer Fencing Materials and Shed to Beginning Farmer


edit we have received a huge number of replies and these items are no longer available.

We are moving off of leased land and no longer need our deer fence. We are offering it for free to someone if they come take it down. We can be of assistance with taking it down and transporting materials locally if needed. Preference will be given to a beginning farmer ( <5 years) or a black, POC, LGBTQ farmer. All materials located in Cranston RI off Natick Ave.

What’s up for grabs:

-approximately 600’ x 7.5’ of “critterfence 700” fencing, plastic mesh. Good against deer, not great for bunnies or groundhogs. Not the most durable life-long material but it gave us 4 years of deer-proofing (as long as we could keep our fenceposts up!). Some rips and holes in the fence in spots but we have extra to patch, can be repaired using zip ties
-approximately 20 or 30 pressure treated 4x4 posts- I believe they are 10’ but they might be 8’

We dug holes and set the bottoms of the posts in some concrete as we had a lot of rocks to work around and couldn’t get in deep enough to keep them sturdy. Fencing was attached using zip ties.

Also offering a 10x12 Arrow brand metal storage shed. Shed is in great condition, you will either need to partially disassemble or use a flat bed trailer to move. Will need a new plywood floor.

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Any replies or questions please send to [email protected]