Penns Creek Manual Boom Sprayer

Penns Creek F324 Manual Boom Sprayer. Great custom made sprayer from Penns Creek designed for spraying corn and other crops. We only used it for 2 seasons for spraying flowers, specifically dahlias, because it is too big for our fields. The boom, which reaches 25’, can be adjusted to spray close to the ground for new crops and will raise up high enough to get over the tallest crops. For the boom to work, the tractor pulling it needs to have rear hydraulic remotes for the sprayer to plug into as well as a PTO. Our tractor does not have rear remotes, which is also a reason we do not need the sprayer. Sprayer works great, except it needs a new Y strainer, because it is leaking due to a small hole in it. Very good sprayer, but it is not useful anymore to our farming setup.

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