refugee ag job placement


Hi everyone,

SCLT is looking into trying to do some more agricultural/horticultural job placement for recently arrived refugees. Many refugees who are resettled in the Providence area have some (if not a lot) agricultural skills, ability, and interest from before coming to the US. But accessing jobs like that has been difficult for them due to issues like transportation, availability of work hours, language barriers, the often low profitability of farming, etc. We’re trying to think about ways to deal with these barriers. If any farms or similar businesses are interested in the possibility of hiring refugee employees in the next few years, please get in touch. At this stage we’re just thinking possible ways around barriers and asking for general interest, not any commitments.

Also, this conversation could easily be extended to ag job placement for other groupings of people; there’s just an upcoming deadline to apply for working with refugees, which is why I’m mentioning them explicitly now.

Feel free to email or call 401 273 9419 ext 107. And feel free to spread the word.