Reserve Your Ready-to-Lay Started Pullets Today!

Reserve Your Ready-to-Lay Started Pullets Today!

17 week Red-Sexlink (Novogen) Pullets - Beaks Intact - Fed Non-GMO Feed with Fertrell Mineral -DELIVERY APPROXIMATELY APRIL 15-25 (TBD based on delivery schedule) .

The pullets you are purchasing were raised on a high quality, non-GMO feed fortified with Fertrell’s Poultry Nutri-Balancer and formulated by Fertrell’s nutrition team. We focused on raising a bird that weighs more than the pullet rearing guideline suggests; this is to help reduce the number of peewee and small eggs. Unlike most ready to lay pullets, these pullets have their full beak, which will help them thrive in a pastured setting.

Order early as the birds do go quickly
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Orders must be place in increments of 50

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