Root Cellar ideas

Hello - wondering if anyone has ideas or info to share for a southern New England root cellar or some type of solution for winter storage of mostly potato and onion. This is for a home garden not a commercial size operation so a roughly 8 x 10 ft would be plenty big enough.

Any info or ideas from your experience would be greatly appreciated!

had success with a 2 foot deep trench (deeper, the better), a layer of straw, then potatoes, and another layer of straw, all covered with earth and leaves, and then more straw. was roughly 3x12 feet. Twice I excavated during the winter to remove potatoes, roughly 100 lbs. at time. The second dig for them was probably in late winter, and some were starting to sprout a little but not turn green. Basement was too warm and garage too cold, so this seemed like a feasible low-tech solution. In future would like to dig deeper, frame it in, insulated walls, a latch of some sort, etc. etc.
Best of luck.

thank you for your response and helpful information.