Scaled Farm Project - Land & Partners

Wanna grow tons and tons of food? Don’t want to go it alone? Lets get together!
Me: Currently actively producing on 8-10 acres, managing 36.
15 years experience. Own equipment and greenhouses.
Would love to stay on the southcoast MA area.
Looking for business partners to scale.

Are you interesting in running a big farm?
Do you want to grow tons and tons of food?
Do you love tractors and equipment?
Do you want to see your locally grown vegetables in super markets?
Maybe you love marketing local food, but not so interested in growing it?
Maybe you have loads of money and don’t know what to do with it?

I ultimately want to grow more food for more people.
Acres and acres of awesome produce.
Anyone else?

Heart Beets Farm

Reach out to Steve @ [email protected]