Seeking part-time work -- open to all opportunities!


My name is Nicole Dupuis. Are there any farms in Rhode Island in need of part-time help? I would love to offer my assistance. I am available to start ASAP and can travel anywhere in the state. I currently live in Providence and have my own vehicle and valid Drivers License. My schedule is very open and flexible to accommodate your needs. I am interested in all kinds of opportunities, both short- or long-term.

I am a 33-year old graduate of Brown University. My career background is in marketing/communications but I am looking to explore a new path and seek learning and employment opportunities in the horticulture and agriculture fields. I am a fast and enthusiastic learner and diplomatic personality who thrives on cultivating beauty and nourishment and working outdoors and with her hands. I have experience growing and harvesting my own herbs and vegetables that I turn into medicinal preparations for myself and my family. I also have over 20 years’ experience helping my parents care for their ornamental and vegetable gardens, performing tasks such as seeding, transplanting, watering, pruning, mulching, weeding, harvesting, and cleaning. Any skills and knowledge that I don’t currently possess, I am eager to learn. I am a hard worker and able to work in all weather conditions, both alone and as part of a team. I also have many years of customer service experience and am happy to work in a public-facing role or in an environment such as a farmer’s market.

If you think I could help you in any way, please contact me at (401)286-8376 or at [email protected]. Again, I am open to all kinds of opportunities! If you need help with social media management, writing, or marketing, I am happy to help with those things as well (as this is my field of expertise), although I prefer the outdoor work.

Thank you very much for reading!

Yours truly,
Nicole Dupuis

Hello, we sent at e-mail to you at the address listed from Cook’s Valley Farm and would be interested in hearing from you.