Seeking Small Space for Hobby Gardening

Hi there!
I am new to this community (and New England as a whole), and I am looking for a small space to hobby-garden. I live in an urban area with no rooftop/container gardening options and sparse community garden options. If there are any farmers within 30 miles of Providence, RI that might be open to leasing/renting a teeny ( </= 1/4 acre) bit of their property to me for simple and autonomous sustenance gardening (no livestock, no construction apart from possibly low tunnels, no heavy machinery, etc.), please do reach out to me! You may contact me here, or at [email protected].

Hello, I had sent you an email but didn’t get a response so I’ll respond here.
My name is Katherine and just saw you post on the NE Ag Exchange.
We might be able to fulfil your need for some garden space. We have a 2 acre farmstead in North Scituate RI.
Check out our website and Instagram @skydogfarmri to get a sense of who we are and our land.
If you would like to schedule a visit, please feel free to contact me at 401-644-7253.