Seeking to buy farmland

My family and I are in the process of trying to buy a farm and thought I would post here if anyone knows of any farms that are thinking about selling or are already on the market. We are hoping to put the majority of it into conservation, or purchase a farm that is already in conservation.

A brief bit more about us: I’m an experienced farmer, I also teach permaculture design and have a masters in Agroforestry. Our group is my sister and I in our 30’s, plus our partners, and our mom in her 60’s, a lifelong gardener and a midwife who recently retired. We are looking for a place with at least 15 acres. In an ideal world, we would be tending a much larger acreage, as I hope to do some larger scale agroforestry orchard systems. We are however keeping the farming options flexible depending on what type of land we can find.
We are looking in most parts of MA (where we are from), RI and Southern VT, ME and NH.

If you have any leads, feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected]
Thank you,

Hi Lindsay, I wanted to mention that if you are going to attend the NOFA CT/RI Conference next weekend I’m giving a workshop on “transitioning to owning land” that you might find helpful. I hope your search in going well.
John Kenny

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