selling young guinea hog boar

we got Blinky (affectionately named for his eyelashes) from Rosasharn Farm as a little piglet last summer (2020) and raised him to breed our pigs, which we did this spring, and now I am sure that I don’t want to breed pigs! So we’re looking for a new home for Blinky.

He’s an american guinea hog, about 1.5 years old, and so sweet. If you’re interested in breeding pigs but were hesitant about bringing a boar onto your farm, I feel great about sending Blinky to you - he loves humans and belly rubs, and is a general sweetheart. Guinea hogs are excellent at living off forage and he’s no exception, although we do give him a small amount of grain daily.

Price negotiable and delivery could be an option. We’re located in Seekonk.
Email me if you want to discuss! [email protected]