Spring 2019 Shetland/Longwool ewe-lambs and one ram-lamb for sale


We have 4 spring '19 Shetland/Longwool cross ewe-lambs and one (related) ram-lamb, same cross for sale. Ewes: 95 each, discount for pair or all 4. Ram: 110

These are showing a really gorgeous fleece-picking up the best of the two breeds. Their size is more strongly Shetland, so compact and easy to work with. Disposition is firmly Longwool-so not skittish at all (they have also had a fair amount of handling).
Ram-lamb has has ongoing breakage of horns-so no more growth and he is quite manageable although, with age this can, of course, change!

Sire ram was also a shetland/longwol cross, Ewe was full Leicster Longwool.
contact: hurricanehillfarm@gmail.com or 401 932 4884 (text or voice)