Switching to Home Delivery


I’m writing on behalf of farmers who are considering home delivery as adaptation and market opportunity during COVID19. Has anyone else started doing home deliveries and/or have done them previously? I have a few questions:

  1. What packaging are you using especially for things that need to be kept cold and/or could wilt at higher temperatures?
  2. Do you offer a delivery window and how has that worked for you?
  3. In the wake of coronavirus, what distancing and sanitizing practices have you been using?
  4. Any other challenges or solutions someone should be thinking of when planning to offer delivery (whether related to coronavirus or not)?

Thank you very much,
Stevie Schafenacker
Program Coordinator
Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

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What a great topic! Thank you StevieS.



I would contact Wishing Stone Farm directly. I know they just started co-delivering with a few other farms.
I have been hesitant to offer delivery because our consumer base is quite spread out. For the time being we will continue to offer on farm pick-up - using a google form and packing into brown bags. We have expanded our pick-up window and are moving pick-ups outside when possible.
I think farms should really look at the delivery cost - and make sure minimum order amounts are set properly so the farm doesn’t lose money on the transaction.



This is from RIDEM: https://mailchi.mp/343dd429190c/psrri-gap-grower-training-december-5-6-register-now-547186?e=086c223cb6 . The factsheets should address your questions about sanitizing practices.